Product teams need to find points of friction quickly, understand the issues from a user viewpoint and then fix them to improve the user experience. Pendo and FullStory have partnered to help our joint customers make this process more streamlined. Pendo provides rich analytics across the product journey, helping product teams to identify bottlenecks, friction points in workflows, and drop-offs in task completion. Once a product manager forms a hypothesis based on these insights, they often want to drill down to see the specific challenges that a user encounters within the product, which is possible with FullStory’s scalable session replay. When the problem is identified and understood, a Pendo guide can be quickly deployed to alleviate the issue immediately while a long-term fix is planned and developed. This is the power of Pendo and FullStory together.



Get the most out of FullStory + Pendo


How it Works

Please refer to the latest here: https://support.pendo.io/hc/en-us/articles/360033231531-Recipe-Speed-Up-the-Find-Understand-Fix-Process-to-Solve-Customer-Friction-with-Pendo-FullStory-




Step 1: Add the Pendo Javascript snippet to your application and set up appropriately.

Step 2: Add the FullStory Javascript snippet to your application, and set up appropriately.

Step 3: Utilize the FullStory getCurrentSessionUrl function and the Pendo identify function to link the current FullStory session with the current Visitor in Pendo via a metadata field called mostRecentFullStorySession. The FullStory identify function should also be called to associate sessions with your users’ id in FullStory.

Step 4: Allow enough time to go by for data to start coming in.

Step 5: Log into Pendo and find a Visitor that has a low NPS score for an important feature in your application.

Step 6: Navigate to the Visitor Detail page. In the Details section under Agent you will see a field called mostRecentFullStorySession whose value is the URL of the most recent session recording in FullStory.

Step 7: Navigate to the URL and use the power of FullStory to diagnose the situation. As new FullStory sessions are created for a Visitor, the field will be automatically synced. Once in FullStory you will see all previous sessions for that Visitor.



Built by: Pendo

Setup: Manual 

Support: support@pendo.io 

Version: 1.0