By logging FullStory Daily activities into Marketo you can leverage product usage information to perform better marketing automation targeting based on app usage data.



Get the most out of FullStory + Marketo


How it Works

Tray.io will pull a daily Data Export from FullStory and aggregate the following fields for each FullStory user based on their sessions that day: - Number of Sessions - Number of Rage Clicks - Number of Dead Clicks - Number of Error Clicks - Number of Suspicious Actions - First Session Time - Last Session Time Tray.io will then push this activity to a Marketo Custom Activity for use as a filter or trigger in your Marketo Smart Lists.





Built by: Tray.io

Setup: Turnkey 

Support: support@tray.io 

Version: 1.1 

This integration is enabled and supported by Tray.io and will require a Tray.io license.