SiteSpect is leading the advancement of customer experience management. We offer optimization, testing, targeting, and personalization empowering the world’s most successful digital businesses to create a superior customer experience that drives revenue, reduces costs, and mitigates risk.SiteSpect developed the industry’s first digital optimization platform from the ground up. We offer a purpose-built, end-to-end optimization solution developed with our extensive knowledge of what leading digital businesses need. Our objective is to help our customers acquire, grow, and retain customers and ultimately achieve market leadership. Our patented approach, together with our thorough understanding of the business and technical realities of optimization, has put SiteSpect at the forefront of enterprise-level customer experience optimization and testing.


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Test on Multiple Domains

Many brands maintain several domains for different traffic. For example, perhaps you have one domain for paid traffic, one domain for a subset of your brand, and another domain for organic traffic. Often, brands want a consistent look and feel across these domains, and further may need to test new promotions, features, or designs, across all of them. With SiteSpect, you can run your campaign across all domains, and get full insight into your data and metrics.


Page Speed Optimization

Research shows that visitor behavior is directly related to the speed of the browsing experience, and that conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction decrease when a site’s pages load slowly. Causes of slow page load time include: JavaScript tags that change site content causing latency, legacy tags that no longer provide value but delay the loading process, asynchronous tags that cause flicker as pages load. SiteSpect is the fastest optimization tool, and also allows you to test and measure site performance.


Vendor Testing

It’s likely you employ one of more third party vendors for your digital channels, and must prove each tool’s ROI. Or, you may have to choose between vendors based on cost efficiency. If you choose only based on cost up front, you miss a big opportunity for success. By testing vendors you can see a clear, objective ROI to inform your decision. For example you may, - Compare payment methods before choosing one - Test the revenue impact of eliminating a vendor - Understand the long term benefits or risks of a vendor


New Release Testing

When you release new features on any of your digital channels, you must also measure and understand the effect they have on your bottom line. This requires testing at every stage of the release process. For example: - Roll out the new release to a small segment of visitors first - Measure KPIs on a specific page before implementing site wide - Test he new release across devices


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