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Displaying More Product Sizes Leads to More Transactions with Yves Rocher

On Yves Rocher’s website, customers can find a wide range of products in varying sizes. However, the company wondered whether users were aware of this. Once they reached the product page of an item in a certain size, customers didn’t always know it was available in other sizes. The team at Yves Rocher wanted to run an initial test campaign with AB Tasty to clarify whether showing alternative article sizes on product detail pages could increase sales figures.


La Redoute increases RPV by 2.7%

La Redoute is a leading French e-retailer in fashion and home decoration. Known for its typically French style, the brand has a strong international presence, including in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Spain and Portugal. When the Portuguese branch of La Redoute began working with AB Tasty, their aim was simple: increase revenue per visitor. La Redoute Portugal knew that their visitors had smaller average order values (AOV) than their French counterparts, and purchased less frequently. In order to increase their revenue per visitor, what would be the best approach? They decided to use a simple A/B test to find out.


Decathlon Scores Big With Social Proof

Decathlon designs and sells sporting goods, both online and in 1,600 brick-and-mortar locations. Decathlon’s mission is to make sports accessible to all. One of the ways they accomplish this is through offering a wide array of choice – 10,000 products covering 80 sports are sold on Decathlon’s website. With a range of price points and styles, there is an almost dizzying array of items to choose from. “We know that social proof – the idea that, when unsure, people look to others for direction – is a powerful and effective concept,” explains David Harari, Customer Success Manager at AB Tasty. “We wanted to test out if a simple line of social proof messaging would nudge website visitors further down the purchase funnel.” To do this, Decathlon’s UK digital team ran an experiment based on AB Tasty’s Social Proof widget. The AI-powered widget dynamically surfaces the number of times a product is viewed by other shoppers on a site in a given timeframe.



"“We were very happy to see that respondents overwhelmingly said they liked the homepage, and found what they were looking for. Overall, our donors were familiar with our website, even if they did ask for more video and photographic content. Our next step is to use this information to expand on the personalization campaigns around the visitor personas we’ve discovered, using AB Tasty.”"

Léonore Manciaux



"Using Image Matchmaker from AB Tasty was extremely simple. It was designed for marketers with almost no development skills – so essentially all I had to do was hit a button to start the test. The algorithm powering the widget does the rest, and in a few days we had our answer."

Jeremy Germain

Best Western® Hotels & Resorts


"What was really appealing about AB Tasty’s solution was that it was in a ready-to-use format – there was little to no code to implement. We were able to set up the messaging template on our own in only a few weeks, shortening significantly our usual IT lead times"

Guilhem Cussonnet



"AB Tasty is delicious! It has great graphical user interface fantastic support, great pricing structure and we are able to work on almost all dynamic content through GUI."

Matt Sparks

Ashley Furniture


"AB Tasty - Terrific, easy tool with grade A customer support."

Jeff Copetas

Avid Computer Software

















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