Convert new users into raving fans with automated and personalized in-product engagements. More effective than email. Easier than bugging your developers.


Get the most out of FullStory + Appcues

User Onboarding

First impressions matter. Wow your users with personalized onboarding tours that delight, educate, and guide them to value faster. Create beautiful flows that look native to your product and drive users to activation.


Feature Adoption

Don’t let your best features go unnoticed. Create walkthroughs and prompts to draw your attention to new and important product features. Turn underused features into differentiators by capturing users’ attention and communicating value.


Customer Surveys and Feedback

Capture user opinions, preferences, and attributes with surveys and feedback touchpoints. Leverage results to build a product your users love. Use Appcues NPS surveys to gather quantitative and qualitative data about customer sentiment, preempt churn, and identify your biggest advocates.


In App Announcements and Campaigns

Extend the reach of your marketing campaigns, initiatives, and promotions. Easily build and iterate in-product announcements to engage existing users. Generate interest and increase engagement with educational content like webinars and best practices docs.


Self Service Support

Educate users, provide contextual guidance, and offer proactive support within your product to reduce support tickets and scale faster. Reduce the volume of inbound support requests by new users. Help users get started with in-product tutorials and step-by-step tours.



"With Appcues, we are solving usability challenges for our users and offering a self-serve option empowering our users to become more confident and proficient with our product."

Sara Maskivish



"By testing different onboarding flows, Yotpo increased 1-week new user retention by 50%."

Omer Linhard



"Appcues enabled us to put time-sensitive information in front of clients quickly, including signposting of new features and functionality."

Arun Dahar



"Using Appcues, we generated 4X more responses in less than 1/2 the time compared to previous surveys."

Kendall Austin














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