Kustomer is the customer service CRM platform transforming how brands succeed in today’s customer-first world. Our comprehensive solution unifies customer data to provide a single view of the customer journey and seamless omnichannel communications. Complex intelligence drives efficiency by automating business processes and augmenting agent experiences, all built upon a customizable CRM that scales and fits the needs of any business on track for hyper growth.


Get the most out of FullStory + Kustomer

Improve customer and agent experiences

A unified, omnichannel customer service environment: the platform centralizes customer data and interactions into a single, actionable agent workspace that supports communication across all your digital channels and provides proactive opportunities that keep customer satisfied.


Accelerate customer service intelligence

Put your customer data to better use: our AI/ML and workflow BPA engines superpower agents by eliminating menial tasks like categorizing interactions and suggesting best courses of action. Our intelligent queues and routing engine guarantees every customer is put in touch with the most appropriate resource, with live agent auditing and inbound traffic dashboards to help keep tabs on real-time performance.


Ready for hyper growth

Scalability only a CRM can deliver: our deeply customizable solution seamlessly integrates with the customer applications you require to build a solution that's right for your business, then securely manages and activates your data in a reliable environment that constantly improves business processes, letting you focus on growth and servicing more customers.



""I love how customizable Kustomer is! With other players in this space, I constantly felt like I was trying to shape my business needs around their tools and what we could hack it to do, but Kustomer fits all my team needs. I love the flexibility and functionality, and we are constantly tweaking things to improve the CX team experience.""

Michelle McCombs, Director of Community Experience













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