Qualaroo is a highly trusted provider of AI-powered feedback solutions, enabling businesses to keep their finger on the pulse of their users. We enhance marketing, product and technical experiences for users with customizable customer surveys, and parsing the result with the help of IBM Watson’s powerful NLP. Whether it is a website or mobile digital experience, Qualaroo is sure of delivering quality insights that improve UX for the users of our customers’ products or services. To dig deeper into our insightful underlying technology and the services we offer, please visit www.qualaroo.com


Get the most out of FullStory + Qualaroo

Beta testing/research funneling

Qualaroo surveys help designers and developers in equal measure, providing invaluable feedback from beta testers that helps them work in tandem to create solutions that are universally loved. If you run an ecommerce business, for example, you can benefit from the insights delivered by Qualaroo surveys to streamline your checkout process to make it less cumbersome. You may also redesign your product description page and categorization based on user feedback to make it irresistible to online shoppers. Such minute analysis is possible with Qualaroo because you can ask the right questions to the right users at the right time, without seeming intrusive!


Sentiment analysis

The facet that sets Qualaroo apart from run-of-the-mill feedback survey providers is sentiment analysis. Powered by IBM Watson’s natural language processing AI, it grants you unprecedented understanding of your target user’s decision making process to gear your sales process towards maximizing sales of your products or services. Qualaroo analyzes the voluminous feedback data to deliver concise and precise results that guide your actions. You can create unique calls to action, based on emotional score paired with our sophisticated branching algorithms to make sure each customer feels attended to at a personal level.


Nudges for prototypes

Whether your design team uses InVision, AdobeXD or other tools, you can integrate them with Qualaroo nudges to gather essential feedback from testers and users alike, without being obtrusive. You don’t need a URL to implement nudges - just a URL will do! The key insights are visually represented via word clouds and other presentation-ready formats. You can use nudges to gather feedback from visitors to your competitor’s websites on their public URLs as well.



"“Every customer that comes to us must have the best, easiest experience that they can possibly have. The only way that we can continually provide that experience is by understanding and internalizing what previous customers have told us.”"

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