Developed to increase audience engagement while decreasing production and management costs for brand publishers, Fabl’s comprehensive software platform enables marketers themselves to build, manage, deploy and analyze engagement and conversion data across scaling branded content programs; no agencies, developers or designers required. Fabl increases content marketing page engagement by an average of 6x when compared to most CMS platforms. As easy-to-use as any landing page builder, as robust as any CMS — Fabl is a content marketing, management and publishing platform for the efficient production of highly engaging, data-driven content pages at scale. Beyond a typical content marketing platform, Fabl unshackles marketers from their cost, time and technological restrictions while exponentially increasing page engagement and conversion rates.


Get the most out of FullStory + Fabl

Oracle CX Campaign

An Oracle Corporate CX Campaign built on Fabl ran as a content hub that required one time user authentication for access. The hub presentation page provided a modern look and feel with edge to edge banner, parallax scroll and video content. Deeper dive content to additional Fabl built pages were segmented for different job functions (marketing, sales, commerce) within companies along with content targeted at various industry verticals. The average engagement time per unique visitor was 6 minutes and 22 seconds with 30% conversion rate from unique visitor to form fill and 17% conversion rate from form fill to qualified sales lead.


ReFUEL4 on VentureBeat - Lead Capture Program

ReFUEL4, a B2B video product/service provider, ran advertising traffic drivers as part of a program that sent users to a Fabl built sponsored content page on VentureBeat. The page was laid out as a very modern content experience on an immersive long form editorial style page that combined text, visual assets and parallax scroll. The user once on the page and after a 6 second scroll was served up a form to drive lead capture. The cost per lead achieved was a very low $0.43 with the large majority being captured smoothly on mobile devices.


Ribbon's Work@Home Campaign

Fabl's client Ribbon Communications, attributed $700,000 in new revenue to a $15,000 investment with Fabl. An example of some of their recent work can be seen in their Ribbon Work@Home campaign created in response to COVID-19 that provided product information to their partners with Work@Home technology, a special Work@Home offer and Work@Home marketing tools that partners could in turn promote and sell to their customers.


Dynamic E-Book Web Experience

Say goodbye to PDFs! With Fabl, easily build, publish and manage engagement and conversations from interactive, web-based ebooks. With more than 60% of B2B marketing engagements now occurring on mobile platforms, the PDF has officially become irrelevant (just think about the last time you tried to read an ebook PDF on your mobile phone...). Furthermore, marketers lack all engagement insight for content interaction when ebooks are delivered as PDF and that's just criminal! Solve this problems and more by building and publishing dynamic, interactive ebooks directly to your website using Fabl.



"Campaigns built on Fabl delivered increased engagement on desktop and mobile by 100%+ over the industry average and has decreased our cost-per-acquisition by 30% for the Kandy Business Phone. Fabl's simplicity and ease-of-use allows Kandy to create campaigns quickly while also delivering a brilliant and engaging experience for our brand."

Jeffrey Singman

Ribbon Communications


"The best examples of content marketing offer a fully-fleshed, authentic view of a company and its products; indeed, the warmer and more real the product and people behind it, the easier it is to talk about it."

Lisa Mattson

Jordan Vineyards and Winery


"Fabl is super easy to use and understand; you don't need the advanced skillset of a Designer or Developer to build something attractive and functional. It allows me to build high- impact, interactive and responsive narratives across all devices for some of the industry's top tier clients, in a fast-paced environment. Fabl's design-driven cloud publishing platform is second to none."

Jimmy Starr

CBS Interactive













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