We make it our mission to create flawless brand experiences for the people who drive your business: your employees and customers. Dedicated to future-proofing organisations, we achieve sustainable growth through human-centric transformations, data analytics and employee enablement. Supporting clients’ digital transformation efforts, we implement end-to-end integrated technology to enhance consumer experiences. Our award-winning Learning Academy provides your teams with next practice skills through accelerated learning modes. Working with us you’ll be able to tackle current and future business challenges through experimentation and application – whatever your area of business.


"Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in Oman has launched a Customer Experience transformation project across the bank and we are delighted to partner with New Metrics to take this forward. From the start, New Metrics has been able to truly understand our way of working and homes our internal core strengths and capabilities to drive the project. The expert team's approach is extremely hands-on immersive and focused on driving results by utilizing the latest international customer experience approaches and tools. We look forward to a continued long-term partnership to build a future-proof customer experience strategy for the bank."

Sheikha Al Farsi | Chief Strategy and Corporate Services Officer

Bank Muscat


"The New Metrics Team are knowledgeable, efficient and fast. They will do what they say and they’ll do it really well. We really enjoyed working with the New Metrics team."

Nihal Hakeem Director – Digitization & Customer Experience

Provis & Khidmah


"Working with New Metrics has given us a new perspective on customer experience. Their professional team equipped us with the necessary tools and knowledge to understand customer insights in a better way. Using best practices and international standards, they helped us address customers' concerns by focusing on what really matters. And now we are embarking on a new journey to elevate the customer experience to the next level"

Sheikh Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Harthy | Executive Vice - President Strategic Development




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