As experienced marketing technology consultants, we see many organizations facing the same challenges: - A complicated technology ecosystem preventing personalized experiences being delivered at scale - Difficulty establishing a single view of a customer across all channels and environments - Inconsistencies in how teams understand, hypothesize and validate the need to launch new products or features - Insufficient technical understanding of how platforms work together, their limits, and what should be done where - Difficulty in understanding where to prioritize effort and focus to make meaningful impact to the customer experience We help organizations cut through the jargon and spin, identify the most important insights, the metrics that matter, to deliver value fast. First, we will engage with you to understand your business, goals, define success criteria and agree timelines. With this context, we'll prioritize our time and effort to surface insights, identify technical challenges, align with stakeholders, and forge a practical plan to both solve key use cases, and empower your team to leverage FullStory to drive rapid business value.


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Analytics & Insights Empowering teams to develop customer empathy through a full picture of the customer experience across all touch points. From analytics implementation, consistent tracking methodologies, establishing identity resolution, clear analytics measurement frameworks, automated dashboards and having access to qualitative insights - we will work with brands to provide clarity on how to understand and take action on the metrics that matter. Technology Ecosystem Integration We help brands to understand the roles of the various platforms in their stack, how they should work together, and help with the technical implementation and integration to ensure that it delivers the use cases and experiences required. We can ensure FullStory is fully integrated with your front end marketing technology (TMS, DMP, Analytics, CDP) and back end systems and data warehouses. Experimentation & Personalization Having access to insights and CX improvement hypotheses is great, but having an efficient workflow for experimentation at scale and targeted personalization is powerful. We help brands with the end to end strategy and execution of CRO, experimentation and personalization to drive measurable conversion, revenue and experience improvements.


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