From strategic planning and collaboration, Channelstars has a technology solution available for every type of individual and business. If you are investing in technology, talk to us first, and we’ll give you the best comparisons and options. All while making it easy to understand, install, and support. Beyond technology Channelstars understands your business and organization. We have experience with all industries, and deep experience with eTailers , Healthcare, Public Sector for over 10 years. This allows us to assist you in implementating the technology, providing the analyics, formulas and metrics that provide the most benefit to your organziation. Channelstars has expertise with complimentary platforms such as: Adobe / Google Analytics / Salesforce / Optimizely / Zendesk / Jira / Slack / Google Cloud / Tableau / Qualtrics / Medallia / SAP / Shopify / Magenta . Not only does Channelstars provide the services, and expert consulting, we can also provide the complementary hardware and software at the lowest cost, leveraging the large contracts we have in place.


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Tech - Outsourced MIS - Need the feel of an in-house tech team, or need to supplement your current team? We have the technical resources to assist with all your technology solutions and implementations. Video Teleconferencing (VTC) We provide conference room environments, video walls, content management, remote workforce solutions, all with an easy to use, easy to manage solutions that are 1/10th of what the legacy systems cost. Security - Security is a critical component of all the technology solutions we provide. Channelstars assists with the business policy and all the technology tools available on the market to secure your data while making it available and accessable to everyone that needs it. Analytics - Using tools like Fullstory we provide the tools and implementation to provide you the analytics you need to make the best business decisions and improve your customer experience. With Channelstars as your partner we work closely with your business and help implement the business and technical changes that the analytics suggest. WiFi - Channelstars understands the importance and dependancy your organnzation has to stay connected. We provide the best in class LAN, WAN, WiFi , and Cellular solutions to provide your organization the bandwidth and reliability it needs. App Development - Channelstars can provide app development and app integration with your current software to provide the workflow and efficiency your organization needs, We also provide customer facing Mobile Applicaiton development. Social Media - Channelstars has a social media marketing team leveraging all the talent and techniology tools to build your companies presence and profile, and making it easy and beneficial for your team to consistently use and engage. Marketing - Digital Marketing is now critical to sales organizations, with brands receiving more attention than ever, marketing is the fastest growing industries and will continue to rise with the popularity of new and improved forms of marketing such as influencer marketing, social media, and more. Channelstars offers marketing services such as, Branding - Content, Video, Audio/Podcasts, Written, Management. Growth - Digital Marketing, Social, Automation. PR - Exposure, and Messaging to build your business. Business Support and Growth - At Channelstars we provide business support to our partners and customers. We believe in collaboration, lead sharing, and making connections. We are true partners to our customers. Need to record a podcast?, have an important meeting?, videoconferencing ? Stage with lighting and video recording equipment ? Or just want to come by to share business ideas with one of our in-house experts while enjoying a Nitrobrew or Kombucha on tap? All of this and more is available to you in our Newport Beach office.