Speero helps businesses navigate The Retention Economy. For too long businesses have been pressured into quick win tactics that drive revenue, at the expense of creating long-term growth. The winners of The Retention Economy will be those who measure and improve customer lifetime value and develop superior customer experiences. Speero helps companies understand their customers better through data, research, and experimentation to drive long-term growth. Speero, formerly CXL agency, was founded in 2011. Clients include; Miro, Codecademy, Grubhub, P&G, Monster, MongoDB, Dermalogica, AXA, and eBay.


"Getting a third-party perspective from experts who aren’t in the weeds of the site every day was critical in helping us understand what changes needed to be made, and why. Using data to back up those recommendations was one big step closer to making analytical, data-driven decisions as opposed to “gut” or opinion-based changes that can (and do) backfire."

Torrie Belknap

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Customer Experience Optimization programs - a fully managed program of customer research, data analysis and A/B testing to improve your experience and long-term business growth. Data Analytics Projects - Auditing, implementing and reporting on key business data. Customer Research - Using our own ResearchXL methodology to understand the why behind the data.




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