Product Rocket is a Product Management Consulting firm that offers 3 key areas of service: Consulting, coaching and Training. Our consultants demonstrate expertise across the entire Product lifecycle: Across the Vision, Strategy, Design, Delivery, Metrics and Growth. We look to deliver the right products for our clients, built the right way. At the same time uplifting the product maturity of the company to enable becoming a product led company. We empower our clients to solve hard problems – customer and business problems – in ways that our clients love. Our consultants are cross-skilled and versatile, generally experienced in the various domains of Product Management. Our Product Consultants must contribute to their clients' product team a solid knowledge of the various constraints of the business. Consultants must learn and contribute to the knowledge of our clients users and customers, and the data about how their customers engage with their products. Finally, our Product Consultants are expected to track industry trends and the competitive landscape as they pertain to their clients products. Whilst each Product Consultant may be skilled in a variety of ways, we look for Product Consultants that understand that consistent innovation is the result of each member of the product team contributing their passion and their ideas. The Product Consultant must collaborate closely with their product designer and engineers to discover effective solutions, and then work together to deliver those solutions to market for our clients. We’ve worked on a variety of assignments with a range of companies including start-ups, scale-ups and large enterprises. No two assignments are the same and the dynamic nature of product consultancy is an exciting environment to be in. Our vision: To lead the way and set a new standard for how digital products are created, leading the way in Product Management Consulting. Working with our clients - We coach and boost their product function. We’re hands on and immersed in fulfilling product roles and requirements.




How it Works

Product Management & UX consultants helping clients to build, scale and optimise world-class products and operations. Product Rocket is a Product Management Consulting firm that offers 3 key areas of service: Consulting, coaching and Training. We train clients and their product teams either on-site or remotely to help them improve their product delivery and maturity. We also offer this to the consumer market for people keen to break into Product Management. Our core offering is consulting direct to clients. We embed a Senior Product Consultant into your company for a pre determined period to add capacity and deliver digital product in the correct way. Mentoring less experienced product teams and facilitating workshops to up-skill the teams. Doing this in conjunction with delivering the right products to market and adding huge value at the same time - our clients are always happy. We also offer higher lever Product strategy and vision consultants who are more hands off from delivery and instead work with CEO's and leadership teams to determine the roadmap and long term strategy for the company





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