Webtrends Optimize and FullStory are stronger together. Through our integration, you can segment on experiments in FullStory and unlock session replays and insights for users who saw the experiences you built in Webtrends Optimize. This facilitates a full cycle of insight, from pre-test discovery using both baselines in Webtrends Optimize & recordings and insights from FullStory, to experiments in Webtrends Optimize, and post-test analysis in both tools.




How it Works

Head over to Integrations in Webtrends Optimize, accessed through the top-nav. From there, find FullStory in the list of available integrations and simply enable it - couldn't be easier! Once enabled, views of any of your experiences will be automatically sent to FullStory - no further effort required.




1. Login to Webtrends Optimize.

Use your normal credentials for your experimentation programme.

2. Go to Integrations.

You'll find the link for this in our top-nav.

3. Find FullStory from the list

And click Install.

4. Flip the toggle to ON

Select all tags unless you want to QA on a specific tag context and then click save.

5. Give the tag a short while to update and you're good to go.

You may need to force-refresh to see the updated tag sooner, i.e. dropping your cache.



Built by: Webtrends Optimize

Setup: Manual 

Support: support@webtrends-optimize.com