Adding a FullStory Session URL to your funnel or drop-off reports gives you instant access to the sessions associated with your GA filters. This simple step allows you to have real and instant user data that adds life and depth to those boring report numbers. Important Note: The Google Analytics integration uses the permissions of the user that is authorizing the integration. So only the user that authorized the integration can enable properties that they have permissions to in Google Analytics. If you need to use the integration for other properties and don't have the same permissions of the user who originally authorized the integration, you'll have to remove the integration altogether, and go through the process of adding and "Authorizing" the integration. If you do re-add the Google Analytics integration, old configurations are erased and you'll need to reconfigure the properties again.




How it Works




Native Mobile - Android & iOS

To enable this integration on your Native Mobile App, follow the instructions found here.

Web & Mobile Web

If you haven't already, you'll need to sign up for Google Analytics to get started.

After you set up your Google Analytics account, make sure the Google Analytics Universal script is installed.

1. Login to Fullstory

2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations & API Keys

3. Toggle on Google Analytics Universal under Available Integrations.

4. Accept the Google OAuth form to grant access to FullStory on behalf of your Google Analytics account.

5. Select the web properties for which you wish to add the FullStory Session URL custom dimension.

Using the FullStory Session URL Custom Dimension

Now when building reports in Google Analytics Universal, you can add a FullStory Session URL Custom Dimension anywhere that you can use a dimension within Google Analytics. If you pre-define a custom dimension, ensure that it is named exactly "FullStory Session URL" (case sensitive).

1. For example, when building a report click on the "Secondary Dimension" dropdown and select FullStory Session URL.

2. Now your report will include a session URL with each result.

Note: GA does not allow click through links, so you'll have to copy and paste the session URL to a new browser tab to watch the session. Be sure you're logged in to FullStory so that the session can play.

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