Chameleon is a Product Success platform for building code-free surveys, tours, and self-serve help. FullStory's Chameleon integration enables your team to filter sessions by how users engage with these product experiences and surveys. By sending events such as Started Tour, Completed Survey, and Button Clicked to FullStory, your team can: • Sense check user onboarding tours to see how users really engage • Watch what users were doing before they left that surprising feedback • Get the insights necessary to build better user onboarding and feedback collection Learn more about Chameleon at trychameleon.com



Who uses this integration


How it Works

The FullStory integration can be enabled with a single click. Simply visit the Integrations section within the Chameleon Editor, select FullStory and then hit "Connect to FullStory". This will automatically begin sending data to your FullStory account. This works by using the existing FullStory code on your website, so data will only be sent on pages where the FullStory script is installed.





Built by: Chameleon

Setup: Turnkey 

Support: help@trychameleon.com