SiteSpect is leading the advancement of customer experience management. We offer optimization, testing, targeting, and personalization empowering the world’s most successful digital businesses to create a superior customer experience that drives revenue, reduces costs, and mitigates risk. SiteSpect developed the industry’s first digital optimization platform from the ground up. We offer a purpose-built, end-to-end optimization solution developed with our extensive knowledge of what leading digital businesses need. Our objective is to help our customers acquire, grow, and retain customers and ultimately achieve market leadership. Our patented approach, together with our thorough understanding of the business and technical realities of optimization, has put SiteSpect at the forefront of enterprise-level customer experience optimization and testing. We are passionate about our customers' success. Not only are we dedicated to delivering superior optimization solutions, we focus on providing comprehensive services, support, and training. SiteSpect's world-class services team provides companies with as much or as little support and expertise as they need to ensure success.




How it Works

FullStory is an easy-to-use digital intelligence and session replay tool. Integrating FullStory with SiteSpect allows you to transfer information from SiteSpect Campaigns to FullStory to use in solving problems, finding answers, and fine-tuning your customer experience.




Please visit this Help Guide for Instructions on how to implement the FullStory and SiteSpect integration. 



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