Integrating FullStory into Kustomer unites each customer’s historical interactions with their current activities, providing real-time insights that drive resolution and prevent the need to ask repetitive questions. Every conversation is directly linked to an instant replay of the customer’s web browsing activity, including the moment their issue occurs. It’s a truly chronological view of the customer journey right to the present day, so you can deliver informed and effective decisions.



Get the most out of FullStory + Kustomer


How it Works

Within Kustomer, an agent can gain visibility into why the customer initiated a chat in the first place. The integration places a direct link to the FullStory session alongside the chat module in the customer’s timeline. The integration opens up collaborative capabilities powered by Kustomer, so you can loop in other platform users, or even from other departments, to help solve issues. In addition, data from Fullstory can be fully imported into Kustomer to power additional functionality like customer segmentation and proactive engagement opportunities. The result—improved average handle times and increased satisfaction.





Built by: Kustomer

Setup: Support enabled 

Support: This integration is built and supported by Kustomer. 

Version: 1.0 

Please contact Kustomer to enable this integration.