The integration between FullStory and Medallia for Digital equips organizations with key digital experience insights into why customers become dissatisfied and fail to convert. By combining Fullstory's ability to visualize digital experiences with Medallia's ability to capture specific digital experience feedback on every page or any other touchpoint, companies can now better understand the online customer experience and optimize those experiences based on deep, actionable insights.



Get the most out of FullStory + Medallia Digital


How it Works

In order to drive meaningful growth, Product and Customer Experience teams need to understand the impact that poor digital experiences have on their bottom line. With FullStory + Medallia, you can leverage the qualitative and quantitative data of both platforms to prioritize the problems and solutions that have the greatest impact. By integrating Medallia Digital into FullStory, you’ll be able to contextualize what happens before, during, and after a user leaves feedback so that you can reveal the right remedy for your product or site. Additionally, leverage Conversions by FullStory to uncover whether NPS or other feedback metrics are correlate to drags in conversion rates.




Please note that these instructions provide a walkthrough on how to pull NPS data into FullStory based on an NPS-type question; however, you are able to pull in any type of feedback metric you're collecting. Please reach out to your Account Manager at Medallia or FullStory if you'd like more information.

How to send Medallia Feedback Metrics (including NPS) into FullStory

You can integrate the FullStory and Medallia APIs together in your website with a few lines of code. Our integration pairs the FullStory custom events API with the Medallia custom events API. As a logged in Medallia customer, you can access Medallia’s API documentation here. If you do not have access to this documentation, please contact your Medallia representative for more information.

Step 1 - Create an NPS survey form

Use the Medallia form builder to create a survey form with an NPS field. Existing Medallia customers can find details about how to use the Medallia form builder on the Medallia documentation portal.

Step 2 - Add the integration code to your website

The following lines of code need to be added into your website after FullStory has been loaded:

window.addEventListener('MDigital_Submit_Feedback', function(event) {
var _fs = window[window._fs_namespace]; for (var i = 0; i < event.detail.Content.length; i++) { var content = event.detail.Content[i]; if (content.type === 'nps' && content.value !== null) { var payload = { score_int: content.value,
name_str: content.unique_name, }; // ensure FullStory has been loaded if (_fs) { _fs.event('Medallia NPS', payload); // multiple NPS controls will result in multiple events } } }


Step 3 - Search for sessions in FullStory using NPS scores

After the integration code has been added to your website, you can search for “Medallia NPS” events and then filter further by NPS scores.

How to Access FullStory Session Replay URLs within the Medallia Digital Platform

Connecting the feedback record and what users say along with a replay of the end user's session will help you better understand and contextualize what your customer is saying along with what they were doing and experiencing. To enable this functionality, please contact your Medallia representative.



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