At Delacon we are dedicated to providing world-leading Call Tracking, Call Management and Speech Analytics solutions. We work with enterprises, agencies and government organizations, to measure their advertising campaign performance and help confidently optimize processes, knowing that all available data is being taken into consideration. With over 20 years of expertise in telecommunications and specializing in cloud-based technologies that improve business performance through in-depth call-data analysis, we are the global leaders in Call Tracking and Speech Analytics. Delacon’s feature rich tracking products ensure the entire customer journey is captured; from inception to the phone call and beyond, providing each client with access to valuable insights that optimism their marketing resources and internal operations. Delacon’s powerful Speech Analytics technology takes a closer look at the types of calls clients are receiving and transcribes all calls to reveal the nature of each conversation. We enable organizations to identify keywords, categorize calls, develop lead scores, calculate call conversion rates, and much more. Delacon’s solutions are easy to use and provide rich, highly relevant data that is easily integrated into FullStory, Salesforce, Optimizely, Tealium, the entire Google Suite, Adobe Analytics, Zapier, Domo as well as a plethora of further bid optimization, marketing applications and analytical tools.



Get the most out of FullStory + Delacon


How it Works

The FullStory-Delacon intergration allows you to accurately establish whether your customer is in a researching mode or a buying phase. By understanding their intent, you can facilitate a pathway that will provide a smooth experience in any scenario. When a web session is matched with a phone call, Delacon will instruct the browser to inform the FullStory server about the call event. The browser will continously check the Delacon server every 2 seconds, to see whether any call is matched with this session. Every time a phone call happens, you will be able to view the journey that led to that phone call in your Fullstory interface.




Filter Sessions and Segment users by when a phone call took place.

Playback a session where a phone call took place to understand what led up to the phone call. Or, Go-Live and co-browse with the customer while on the call.



Built by: Delacon

Setup: Manual 

Support: partners@delaconcorp.com 


To enable this integration, please contact Delacon directly.