The complete picture of your user’s behavior is tough to gauge from just their responses to your questions. With FullStory enabled, you get to view a user’s journey on your webpage or app from start to end: every hover and click, scroll, and page transition involved. When Qualaroo and FullStory work in sync, the finer aspects of user experience become easy to visualize, and their pain points become obvious.




How it Works

Switching on FullStory through Qualaroo just takes a few clicks! Navigate to Site Settings on your Qualaroo Dashboard, enable the FullStory toggle - and that’s it! You’re good to go! FullStory integration allows Qualaroo users to: 1. Converge FullStory’s replay sessions with users’ responses to your surveys and free-form feedback 2. Identify where users encountered a bug and the reasons why they abandoned their cart 3. Track user behavior and use it to: a. Improve specific parts of site experience (e.g. increase the conversion rate on your checkout page) or b. Influence the design process of new sites (e.g. for a new product/service launch) 4. Relive the customer’s journey up to the exact moment they shared feedback or exited without responding to Qualaroo’s nudges Recorded sessions from FullStory are available to Qualaroo customers as “FullStory Sessions”, along with a URL that points to that specific session. Viewing the session lets Qualaroo customers replay the actions of their website visitors during their time spent on the website. The FullStory sessions are key to understanding what is working on the website - and, more importantly, what’s not working for users, leading to their exit without making a purchase.





Built by: Qualaroo

Setup: Manual 

Support: support@qualaroo.com 

Version: 1.0