Connecting FullStory to Convert Experiences allows these two powerful tools to completely transform the way you interact with your site traffic in a privacy compliant way. Through the easy integration, brands can leverage best in class qualitative session data like replays - filtered by granular segment criteria - for tests run on the flicker free Convert Experiences. This offers better learning post tests, improved UX troubleshooting, and a very clear picture of how optimization efforts are improving (or frustrating) the user experience.



Get the most out of FullStory + Convert Experiences


How it Works

The integration between Convert Experiences and FullStory is easy to set up, especially through a tag management dashboard like Google Tag Manager. The integration passes the Convert Experiment & Variation ID to FullStory, in a privacy compliant way, helping QA test interactions and remove UX obstacles.



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Built by: Convert

Setup: Manual 

Support: support@convert.com 

Version: 1.0