By integrating Survicate with FullStory, you can uncover what happens before, during and after a visitor leaves you feedback. With the Survicate and FullStory integration, you'll seamlessly associate survey-based feedback with digital experience analytics (session recordings). By discovering context to customer feedback, you'll find areas of improvements and double down on what works well. It's difficult to judge what your users think and why they behave the way they do from just their responses to your surveys. With FullStory and Survicate integrated, your users' pain points and needs will become easier to visualise by watching relevant recordings. 📹 The integration between Survicate and FullStory lets you: ● Watch session recordings associated with the corresponding survey responses. ● Send survey responses to FullStory as events and use them as filters. ● Conveniently view survey responses from a FullStory user profile



Get the most out of FullStory + Survicate


How it Works

✅ It’s a native, free, no coding required integration. ✅ You can enable it in one quick either from Survicate or FullStory. ✅ When you get a new survey response, it will be sent to FullStory as an event. ✅ When you get customer feedback, you can watch the corresponding session recording and jump right into the user’s issue.




1-click setup instructions: 1. Make sure you've installed Survicate's snippet and FullStory's snippet on your website. 2. You can enable the integration either from your Survicate or FullStory account. Both ways are valid.
a) Log in to your Survicate account, head over to ⚙️ Integrations in the upper right corner, find FullStory on the list and click enable. or b) Log in to your FullStory account, go to ⚙️ Settings, click Integrations and API keys, find Survicate on the list and hit Add.

How to use the integration? When you get a new answer to an open-ended (text) question in a survey, you'll be able to jump right into the associated FullStory recording from Survicate.
1. In Survicate, create a website widget survey and launch it on your website. 2. Once you get a new survey response, go to Survey Results in Survicate. image 3. Find the relevant text response and select View FullStory session to watch the recording. image If you don’t want to use open-ended (text) questions in a survey, that’s okay. You’ll still be able to filter by all survey responses in FullStory: 1. In FullStory, use event filters, search custom event and filter by survicate question answered. The values Survicate is sending to FullStory are: answer , question and survey name. 2. Use survey responses to create Conversion Funnels, Segments, and more. 3. You can also view Survicate-related events when watching session recordings, on the right-hand side of the screen and on the timeline. 4. If a given user has answered any of your surveys, you can visit their Survicate profile straight from FullStory. On a user profile in FullStory, click View in Survicate to access the user's latest feedback. Please make sure you've enabled the Survicate integration from FullStory for this feature to work.

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Built by: Survicate

Setup: Turnkey 

Support: support@survicate.com 

Version: 2.0