Tracking engagement, journeys and conversions is great but, if the experience of content is not optimized, premium and highly visual, it's difficult to maintain the interest of your audience. This challenge is often why what we track often results in the realization that our content marketing / customer journeys are leaving much to be imagined. Fabl is here to solve this content experience challenge. Arguably the most important precursor to successful, high touch / high conversion customer journeys through content, the experience of content can make or break success. Once implemented, Fabl enables content / marketing teams to easily produce highly visual, highly engaging experiences of their content on the page level, ensuring media optimization and brand / design control are automatically applied to every single page of content published from a Fabl account. Complete with media management, page library management, detailed engagement insights, branding / design control and theme library, workflow management and more, Fabl is the media publishing tool every modern marketer wishes they had at their fingertips. Loved and used by and for global leaders like Oracle, CBS, Oakley, Ducati, Audi, Sony...you get the picture...Fabl transforms content into conversion, now connected to FullStory for a dream combination.




How it Works

Fabl is a content and media publishing platform that makes creating branded content story pages easy while generating much higher engagement and conversion results. FullStory can quickly be setup on Fabl themes by following the steps below. Once installed, you can use FullStory to play back user sessions, build conversion funnels, and gain new insights into how visitors use your branded content Fabl story pages and the rich media assets included within them.





Built by: Fabl

Setup: Manual 

Support: support@fullstory.com 

Version: 1.0