LOU helps bring your FullStory account to the next level by sending important event data directly into your analytics dashboard. All LOU events will appear in your FullStory dashboard with a category of "Digital Adoption" and a name prefaced by "LOU - ". Each event also includes additional properties that provide more info about the event like the title and id of the tutorial being started or the hotspot being viewed. For a full list of the events that LOU tracks, click 'Instructions' in the top right.



Who uses this integration


How it Works

LOU integrates with FullStory right out-of-the-box without any additional setup required.




Simply sign up for an account and install the LOU script tag on your platform. Once you've created and published product tours and hotspots on your website, you'll begin to see user data populate into your FullStory dashboard as users interact with your LOU experiences.



Built by: LOU

Setup: Turnkey 

Support: support@louassist.com 

Version: 1.0