Augment your customer feedback with real-time user behavior. UserVoice’s FullStory integration reveals what your customers were doing before, during, and after they left customer feedback.



Get the most out of FullStory + UserVoice


How it Works

Integrating UserVoice and FullStory will associate Fullstory session URLs to UserVoice ideas and comments. - Jump from a user’s idea in UserVoice to their most recent, relevant FullStory session. - Link users' comments in UserVoice to their most recent, relevant FullStory session. - Quickly access a user’s most recent FullStory sessions from the user detail page in UserVoice.




Connecting UserVoice with Fullstory can be done in a matter of minutes and doesn’t require engineering resources.

Step 1: Create a FullStory API Key

In your FullStory settings, go to API Keys and create a new Key. Once created, copy the API Key.

Step 2: Enter your API Key in UserVoice

In UserVoice, go to Settings > Integrations > FullStory.

Click Configure > Enter your FullStory API Key > Click Save

Step 3: You’re all set!

You will now see FullStory session links in UserVoice for new ideas, comments, and on a user’s detail page.

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Built by: UserVoice

Setup: Manual 

Support: https://help.uservoice.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055235713-FullStory 

Version: 1.0