Make smarter product decisions based on actual user experiences with FullStory + Productboard. Product teams receive extensive feedback from customer service, surveys, executives, and other stakeholders. Many product teams struggle to organize, analyze, and synthesize that feedback due to a lack of understanding of the customer context. Product teams can aggregate and organize insightful feedback in Productboard. By adding FullStory’s Session Replays and robust team commentary into Productboard, product teams increase context for the customer experience and customer empathy. Our integration helps product teams prioritize against key drivers and customer insights to deliver an evidence-based roadmap in Productboard.



Get the most out of FullStory + Productboard


How it Works

Whether you’re launching new features or improving existing digital products, FullStory and Productboard work together to make building a great digital customer experience faster and more customer-centric than ever. Watching a FullStory Session Replay and notice something? From within FullStory, comment on the customer interaction and send a note containing the replay URL directly into Productboard as a new Insight. Within Productboard, your team will have all the details they need to understand, empathize, quantify, and prioritize the right product experience improvements. Install the Productboard integration directly within the Integration Settings pane in FullStory.





Built by: FullStory

Setup: Turnkey 

Support: support@fullstory.com 

Version: 1.0